Best Inexpensive Steam Games With Cheap Steam Codes

You can find great games not only from well-known studios but also from independent developers on Steam. We are going to talk about quality games on Steam that don’t cost a lot of money but give you a lot of fun and enjoyable hours of play.

Limbo by Playdead is an example of a great game with an awesome atmosphere. This is a black and white side-scrolling platformer. There are no dialogues and battles, but you can always die in various ways, sometimes very sophisticated. The developers managed to create an eerie oppressive environment and puzzles that can always finish off the character. And the backgrounds around, despite their dark performance, are remembered very well.

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Emily Wants to Play and Emily Wants to Play Too are just awesome games. As a pizza delivery man, you find yourself locked in a house with a girl named Emily and her dolls who want to play. The hero needs to learn the strange and sometimes absurd rules of the puppet game in order to stay alive. Riddles associated with puppet games, plus the complication of playing with several puppets at once, pose more and more difficult tasks for gamers. The game creates a tense atmosphere and forces the player to multitask.

Despite the fact that Portal 2 was released in 2011, it is still relevant and loved by many players. It is full of interesting puzzles and witty and poisonous dialogue, plus an interesting storyline. Portal 2 can be replayed several times because you are immersed in the atmosphere and you want to learn all the subtleties of the plot, listen carefully to all the dialogues, and look into all corners.

The Park is another example of dark and intense horror, in which you have to find yourself in an abandoned amusement park in search of your son Callum. Gradually, you will restore memories of past events, open clues that will tell you what happened here. In addition to an interesting storyline, there is also a good graphical part.

Whispering Willows is an adventure game with very nice visuals. You play as Elena, a young girl who wants to save her father. But she is not an ordinary girl but has mystical abilities to enter the astral body in order to find herself in other places. As you explore Willow’s mansion, you will navigate obstacles, collect clues from ghosts, and comprehend a rather deep storyline. So the game forces gamers to be creative in finding alternative ways of passing locations. And the musical accompaniment and the overall dark atmosphere create a depressing feeling.

How about a first-person shooter? That’s it, Superhot. Despite the polygonal graphics, the game has its own charm and draws in from the first seconds. The point is that time only moves when you move. At first, there are few enemies and the game allows you to adapt to the pace, but then there are more of them, and the conditions change. Here you need to show tactical talents and have a good eye to calculate the flight of bullets and objects. Lots of improvised weapons, close combat, pleasant effects of destroying enemies, and even a certain plot.

Terraria is a super famous game. There are almost endless possibilities for creativity, combat, crafting. There is just a bunch of things to do, from construction to dungeons and challenging bosses. Well, if you play in co-op, then, in general, you will get twice as much fun and pleasure.

Despite the announcement of Hollow Knight: Silksong, the original game remains a great atmospheric hardcore platformer with tons of things to do, a good storyline, epic enemies, and challenging bosses. Hollow Knight evokes a lot of emotions and the graphic part pleases the eye with pleasant colors and cool textures.

Pinstripe is a platformer created over five years by just one person. There is a wonderful and touching story about a father who wants to find his daughter in hell, just cool hand-drawn graphics, many entertaining puzzles and very high-quality musical accompaniment.

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