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Today, talent is a scarce resource. Companies are actively looking for ways to
increase employee engagement and drive personal growth. As a result, many
are devising unique ways to support individual career growth. Whether you’re a
recent college grad looking to expand your horizon or a seasoned professional
looking to stay relevant in your industry, knowing how to pursue individual career
development is essential.
This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about
pursuing individual career development. We’ll explore the different types of
individual career development, explain why it’s important, and share some of our
favorite resources. Read on to learn more!
What does individual career development look like?

Individual career development can take many forms. You can pursue an in-house
program that’s exclusively focused on your career development needs or you can
find a company-wide program that provides support for a variety of career goals.
Some programs even integrate education and training to better help you grow as
a professional.
Whatever approach you take, the end goal is the same: to help you achieve your
career goals more effectively.

Why does pursuing individual career development

Individual career development can be a great way to meet new people, gain new
skills, and find new interests. It can also be a great way to explore new
opportunities and challenges that come with a new role. If you are interested in a
new career but are unsure where to start, this guide will help you better
understand the process.

Different types of individual career development

Both on-site and online career development programs are common in the private
sector. In a traditional workplace setting, you might attend a training seminar or
participate in an on-site program. Online programs are becoming increasingly
popular, and many offer live interaction with a mentor or group of peers.

Consideration for individual career development

Depending on your credentials, you may be eligible for consideration for
individual career development. If you work in a team, you may be considered for
individual development if you have a high enough rank to warrant it. On-site
career development, while also highly desirable, is not always an option.

Bottom line

No matter how you choose to pursue individual career development, the benefits
are worth it. Whether you choose to attend a program in-house or participate in
an online course, pursuing individual career development can help you:
Build better relationships with managers and coworkers

individual career development. If you work in a team, you may be considered for
individual development if you have a high enough rank to warrant it. On-site
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Gain new skills and expand your horizons
Improve your negotiating and hiring skills
If you have questions about pursuing individual career development, contact your
talent rep or HR manager to find out what they know. We’re here to support you
every step of the way!

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