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Today’s news is breaking. The news is not just regular old broken news, it’s
breaking news. Major historic events are breaking news. The breaking news of
the day is the downing of the Malaysian airliner over China. Everyone is talking
about the downing of the Malaysian airliner, but what’s the story on this story?
Some speculate that the plane was shot down by another airliner. Others
speculate that the plane was shot down by U.S. aircraft. All of these speculations
have one thing in common — no one knows for sure. The only way to know for
sure is to write about it! So, today’s breaking news is this: what is breaking
What is breaking news?

A lot of people ask why they need to know about breaking news. The simple
reason is that it’s happening. The days when people could make a big splash
with just a few words about breaking news are long gone. Today, we’re triggered
by news of major events, whether we’re happy or sad about it. We’re living in a
world of headlines. The most important thing you can do is stay out of the

What is the status of the missing Malaysian airliner?

Malaysia Airlines released a statement Thursday evening saying the country’s
airplane shot down on Flight 370 was its own. Malaysia Airlines said in the
statement that the flight path of the airplane was “not exactly straight” and that it
was “struck a building.” The statement did not say whether the airplane was shot
down by another airplane, shot while it was in flight, or crash landed.

U.S. launching investigation into plane crash

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced that it is launching an
investigation into the downing of the Malaysian airliner. The statement said the

probe will look into “the circumstances that led to the downing of Flight 370, the
circumstances of the crash, and the causes and circumstances of the recovery.”
Numerous reports have said the plane was shot down by another airplane, but
there are no conclusive answers to that yet. Many experts believe the plane was
shot down by U.S. military jets, but it’s also possible the airplane was shot down
by a Chinese or Russian airplane.

Malaysia sups on Facebook to help authorities

Malaysia’s foreign minister, Vivian Balises, jumped into the act Thursday, posting
a photo on Facebook saying that Googleplus, Facebook’s public communication
platform, had a team formed to help the Malaysian authorities solve the missing
airliner mystery.
In the post, Balises said she shared the post with Australian and American
colleagues in Malaysia and said that Facebook was sending a team of experts to
help answer “the most important questions of all.”
The post also said that the Facebook team was “looking into ways to better
support the authorities” and said the company was “doing everything we can to
Some Malaysians are worried that the post could have been a code word for

Malaysia confirms that plane it hit was its own

It’s been a while since we last heard from Malaysia’s transport minister, Nazri
Yahound, about the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, but now we’ve got our first
word from the airline itself. Flight 370 vanished from our skies just over a month
ago. Now, almost a year later, Malaysia Airlines is confirming the Malaysia
Airlines Flight 370 was downed by a jet that was its own.
The airline released a statement saying that the jet it shot down was likely a
Boeing 777.
The statement said the pilots of the jet were from the United States, and that the
airline had no idea what happened to the jet. Malaysia Airlines said that it may
have had a secret passenger jet that was trying to save it.

Joe Biden to congratulate MH370 team

On Thursday, the Biden Foundation sent a note of appreciation to the team that
discovered Flight 370. The foundation wrote: “We wish to send our deepest
gratitude to the Malaysian authorities and the American team that found the lost
Malaysia Airlines flight 370.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the applicants and their families during this
extremely difficult time.”

Ukraine calls for international investigation

In a post on his Facebook page, former U.S. Secretary of State and Ukrainian
politician, John Kerry, said there was an “urgent need” to send an “International
Commission of Inquiry” to “investigate the causes and the circumstances” of the
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
The statement said: “The Commission should start its work as soon as possible,
and as soon as possible after considering the available information. The
Commission should focus its attention on the causes of the disaster, and not only
on the solution.”

Malaysia apologizes for MH370

Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, issued a public apology on Thursday for
the death of his twin brother, Dr. Mahathir, who disappeared on Flight 370. The
apology was published on the prime minister’s Facebook page, where it was
shared more than 2,000 times.
Many people were confused about the terms of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
incident. Malaysia Airlines said Mahathir was on a Malaysia-to-Malaysia flight,
not a flight from Malaysia.
But Dr. Mahathir was aboard a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to
Beijing, and Malaysia also said his body was being sent back to Malaysia.
The Malaysia Airlines statement said: “We want to remind everyone that the body
of Dr. Mahathir movingly and definitely will be found at the Red Mosque in Kuala
Lumpur on Thursday, November 7, 2013.”


The United States and its partners have been at the center of the news for the
past few months, as the investigation into the Flight 370 loss reaches a crucial
stage. Now, it’s up to the world’s primarily Western media to provide the most in-
depth coverage.

But Dr. Mahathir was aboard a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to
Beijing, and Malaysia also said his body was being sent back to Malaysia.

With the information coming to light through high-quality video and photographs,
the international press will have an opportunity to establish a true story. What can
we expect from the international media covering the MH370 investigation? Will it
be the same old, same old? Or does

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