Evening Desert Safari -A Thrilling
Adventure At The Dunes OF Dubai

Do you want to witness the wilderness of the Arabian dunes at their stunning apex? Then
opt for an evening tour to desert safari Dubai. The visitors find the evenings of the dunes so
compelling that they want a visit again and again. From hitting the dunes in a dune buggy to
trying delicious cuisines at the campsite, it keeps great bounties for all. So let’s discover
what an evening desert safari for travel enthusiasts.

Enthralling Activities in an Evening Desert Safari

  1. Way to the Dunes

You can grab a pick and service, a self-driven package, or a bus service to reach the desert
safari in Dubai. If you choose a self-drive package, you are supposed to reach the meet-up
the point at a recommended time. In a pickup service, you’ll be taken from your doorstep in a
4×4 vehicle straight to the terrain. The vehicle is driven by an off-road licensed driver who
usually picks you up in a land cruiser.

2. A Tentative Camel Ride

Once reaching the dunes, you’ll see the arena brimmed with various ongoing sand
activities. Out of the busy terrain activities, a camel ride is the most steady ride you
are exposed to. Explore the infinite golden sand sea by navigating a camel right from

the campsite to the peaks of the dunes. A camel ride takes you to the ancient
travelling intervals to experience a nomadic vibe.

3. Hit the High Dunes in a 4×4

The real action begins when you fasten the seat belts for a ride in a 4WD. You’ll see the
terrain jamming with the SUVs running here and there to amuse the riders. Enjoy the roller
coaster ride over the high dunes of Dubai in your favourite SUV. That could be a hummer, a
land cruiser, a jeep wrangler, or a dune buggy. Dune bashing is such a fascinating activity
for thrill-lovers that most of them visit the dunes mainly due to this terrain sport.

4. Surf the Sand on a Sandboard

Fix your feet over a sandboard and meet the pleasure like never before! Sandboarding is
another popular sand activity facilitated especially for teenagers and kids. However,
everyone seems to be amused by this sand sport. Try out maintaining balance on a flat
wooden board. Once you get the technique, compete with your friends and leave them all

5. Mouth-watering Savory

Get delighted by the Arabian savoury presented at the buffet stalls of desert safari. There is
free access to various refreshing beverages including soft drinks, tea, and Arabian coffee.
The buffet is loaded with numerous veg and non-veg cuisines that stimulate a flash of
hunger. So bless your taste buds with the flavours of middle-eastern savoury.

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The blissful happening of an evening desert safari in Dubai continues for six hours. Come to
the vicinities of the cantaloupe dunes and spend the most exotic hours of your life. So get
ready backpackers! It’s time to create some everlasting memories under the drowning

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