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Looking for a fun family vacation with plenty of sea days? Perhaps a romantic
getaway or a relaxing cruise to clear your mind? If so, you’ll want to look into
booking your next Royal Caribbean cruise vacation with a Royal Caribbean
agent. As more and more travelers looking to book their vacation directly with the
cruise line, the need for an authentic and experienced travel agent has never
been greater. The upside for you is that this also means the job is never easier to
find. Here’s how you become a Royal Caribbean cruise ship travel agent and
start booking your next vacation with the help of Royal Caribbean.
Become an authorized travel agent

The first and most important step in becoming a Royal Caribbean travel agent is
to become an authorized travel agent with Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean
has an extensive partner network, meaning there are thousands of travel
agencies that can help you sell vacation packages and cruises to your clients. To
become an authorized travel agent, you’ll need to pass the Royal Caribbean
Cruise Line Travel Agent Examination (the “Exam”). This involves studying the
ins and outs of the cruise industry, as well as Royal Caribbean policies. You’ll
also have to purchase and maintain a valid license for the state or territory where
you’ll be selling. (You can read more about the Exam and the cruise line’s
partner programs here.)

Find a cruise line partner

The next step is to find a cruise line partner. This is a travel agency or business
that will help you sell cruises and vacation packages to your clients. You can find
a cruise line partner by searching for “cruise line partners” on the Royal
Caribbean website. (Note: Other cruise lines also partne with travel agencies, but
Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line that requires you to pass an exam to
become an authorized travel agent.)

Find a cruise ship for sale

The easiest way to start finding vacation deals on cruises is to find a “for sale”
cruise ship. You can find these by searching on, or by reading
up on the latest cruise ship for sale listings on Keep in mind
that many of these ships will also have vacation packages and deals, so you may
not need to find a buyer for the whole ship.

Find an itinerary for your client

Next, you’ll want to find an itinerary for your client. This may be as simple as
printing out a bunch of different itineraries from different cruise lines and showing
them to your client. Remember that the best cruises are the ones that your client
can get the most use out of. (For example, a cruse for the Caribbean in May is a
great choice for many clients, but not for all.)

Find an agent training program

Finally, you’ll want to look into a cruise line-specific training program. Royal
Caribbean, like many other cruise lines, offers an agent training program that
helps new travel agents sell Royal Caribbean cruises. (Royal Caribbean’s
program is called “Cruise Critic Advantage” and it costs $1,195.)

Final preparation before you start selling

Now that you’ve got your ducks in a row, it’s time to start looking for clients. The
first step is to sign up for an account on (Note: If you’re already
a member, you can use this link to sign up for an account.) Next, you’ll want to
start looking for deals on cruises. While you can find deals on cruises from all
cruise lines on, Royal Caribbean deals tend to be the most
plentiful. You can also sign up for alerts for Royal Caribbean deals on
Cruiseslice. You can also take advantage of Royal Caribbean’s Facebook and
Twitter pages, as well as its Instagram account, to find clients and generate
interest in your deals.

start looking for deals on cruises. While you can find deals on cruises from all
cruise lines on, Royal Caribbean deals tend to be the most


Becoming a travel agent for Royal Caribbean may seem like a daunting task, but
it’s not that difficrult. With a little bit of effort, you can become a Royal Caribbean
travel agent and start booking your next vacation.
Let’s get started.

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