Grinding for grommets: how to get the most out of your grinder

The days of finger and scissor chopping are well and truly behind us, with herb lovers across Australia opting for the reliable grinder. But just because you own a grinder it doesn’t mean you’re always getting the most out of it – there are some rules to making this happen!

So, grab your dry herb grinder and follow these five important tips for the next time you grind up something floral:

  • Keep your grinder clean

The first thing to remember is to keep that grinder clean. A dirty grinder typically responsible for harbouring bits of the next grind, holding onto some of that all-important herb and wasting your money in the process.

So, keep a soft cloth and soft brush handy to give your grinder the occasional wipe-out. For bits that are stuck in the teeth, you might want to pop your grinder in the freezer for an hour or so before giving the grinder a nice shake out into the bin.

  • Don’t pack the grinder too full

Because this will only cause congestion when grinding your herb! You will probably even notice if your grinder is not rotating the way it should and this is a fair indication that you have overfilled its chambers.

Instead, just place a little bit of herb in at a time: you will notice the herb grinds up nicely without causing too much friction in the chambers. Your herbs, which will grind much easier now, will be ready once you don’t feel the grinder experiencing resistance when twisting.

  • Grab the kief

The kief – or dusty weed residue – is said to comprise 30 to 60 percent of all weed THC – so you know you don’t want to pass up on catching that kief. Therefore, you should enlist the services of a three-chamber grinder that can catch this magical pixie dust and give you the very best value out of your grind.

After all, herb can be expensive, why would you want to waste the very best part of it when you don’t have to? That’s like ordering a T-bone steak and leaving the tenderloin.

  • Flip the grinder upside down

You wanna know a really awesome way to ensure a finer grind? Flip your grinder upside down! This way, the herb won’t automatically fall into the bottom of the chamber and this will allow you to continue to grind it until it reaches a really wonderful smoking point.

  • Don’t be too rough with the grinder

The grinder should be able to do the work for you. After all, a grinder consists of metal teeth and blades that are designed for cutting herb. A chef wouldn’t need to work too hard if they have a quality, well-sharpened knife, so why should you overdo it when grinding your herb.

If you keep your grinder well-maintained, you should have absolutely no trouble producing a nice, fine grind with every mix. All you should have to do is follow the above-listed tips and give a good 10 – 12 turns of the grinder to produce a really good quality mix for smoking.

It’s not that difficult

See, these tips for grinding a finer mix aren’t too different from what you may have already been doing! You just have to ensure that you keep your grinder maintained and undertake a couple of cheeky extra methods to ensure that your mix comes out better than ever before…

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