Some owners know the pain all too well when you finally get your new dog bed for your furry friend and they will do anything but sleep in the bed. The vast majority of the time it has to do with dog psychology vs. the dog bed itself. Let’s first cover the most common reasons why your dog won’t use the new bed, and then we can discuss what you can do about it.

Our first suggestion is to remove the old bed. The reason is simple, it is their dog bed. You bring home this new foreign object into the house and expect your doggo to jump on it. The problem for many is…. this is not their bed. Their bed smells like them, they know every inch of it and knows it as their very own safe place. Now you are asking them to use this other thing.

Get rid of the old bed right away and if not remove it completely, get it out of sight and out of mind for now. Putting it in the basement is not going to have the same effect.

Our second suggestion is the most important… Give it some time. We often expect our animal to jump onto their new bed and start sleeping right away. This is the case a lot of the time. However, be patient with your animal as some of them need time to accept the bedding as part of the home. They often times do not feel comfortable with this new weird piece of furniture that is in their house now. They need to get familiar with it and that takes time. Often times it can take a few weeks for a dog to start using it daily. Make sure you give it plenty of time.

Luckily there are actually many ways to introduce your dog to their new dog bed. If you need help getting your dog to sleep in their own bed you have come to the right place, we will cover everything you need to know to get your dog bed resting comfy in a bed they just got.

Before we start with the different methods, it is important to know that these will not work for every dog. There are some dogs who may need more specialized training. Some dogs will respond super well to these however and many may even be just fine after the first thing you try. Let’s go ahead and teach you how to introduce your dog to their new dog bed!

Why Your Dog May Not Use A New Bed

There are certain things that do influence your dog opinion towards what is inviting for them and what is not. These same things can apply to beds just like anything else but there are reasons why this is the case. The most important thing as familiarity, if your dog sees you from a distance they get excited but if they see a stranger they may get agitated. This is because they are used to you and know who you are just like their dog beds.

Another reason is a scent, dogs can smell 40 times better than humans and many of their habits and behaviors are based on this fact alone. They can learn from smells and discover new things which are why dogs are always sniffing around outside. This makes something new in their space almost concerning or not welcome because they are used to their own scent. This is why it can be helpful to mess with the smells by getting your own or their scents covering the bed.

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