How to improve your motivation for learning English

We share our techniques for improving your motivation for learning English as a far off language. We used all of them the time once we were learning English and that we still use them once we got to boost our motivation in areas aside from English.

Guess yourself in the future plane

Imagine you’ll ask native speakers a bit as you talk in your mother tongue. Imagine people eager to speak English also as you are doing. Imagine the likelihood of writing an e-mail to people from everywhere on the planet.

It is helpful to read a piece of writing about the benefits of knowing English well. Why learn English and English causes you to feel good.

You should know that it’s possible to find out English rather well. Just check out people who have done it.

Remember that you are already good

You already know some English (you’re reading a piece of writing in English right now). That’s an enormous success! Now it’s time for more successes. Time to start out using powerful methods of effective learning. Time to realize a powerful knowledge of English.

Remember there is a lot that you don’t know

You are good, but your English is probably not perfect. You almost certainly can’t understand English-language TV, read books in English, ask native speakers easily, write letters without mistakes, etc. You should never think your English is ideal. Albeit you’re the simplest student in your class, always attempt to find your weak areas and work on them. When you’ve learned to talk English well. Your problems are going to be quite small: punctuation, rarely used grammar structures, rare words, understanding “street language”. Your problems are probably more basic mistakes in pronunciation, small vocabulary, grammar problems with these perfective and conditional structures.

Use English whenever you can

Probably the foremost important thanks to improving your motivation are to use English.

Using English is fun. It’s simply very enjoyable to use your English to read an honest book, understand a song, watch a stimulating movie, get a solution to a computer problem, exchange e-mails with a speaker, etc. The more you employ English, the more you’ll want to use it.

This is great because English is learning. When you’re reading a stimulating article or watching an exciting movie, you’re using your English, but you’re also learning new words and phrases. When you’re writing a message on an English-language discussion forum, you’re using your English, but you’re also practising your writing.

But using English also can improve your general attitude to English and increase your motivation to review English in other ways. for instance, if you see that your knowledge of English pronunciation helps you understand a movie or speak more clearly, you’ll be motivated to review pronunciation even more. If you see that checking your sentences during a program allows you to write error-free e-mail messages, you’ll want to stay doing that. If you memorize some words with an SRS and later you encounter them during a movie or a piece of writing, you’ll want to feature even more things to your SRS.

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