Protection of automobile with auto stream 360

Auto stream 360 PDR provides car services and dent repair to its clients. We hire professional technicians for our company that provide accidental collision repairs. We fix cars with such skill that no one can recognize the damage. No matter which material your car is made up we can fix it skillfully besides the severity of damage that happens to your vehicle because of accidents. Our certified staff will fix your vehicle damage with the assistance of heavy smart machinery. We installed high-quality smart machinery in our workshop. Only learned professionals can handle that machinery. We provide our services for

Auto Dent / Scratch Repair

Auto Dent Removal

Fender Repair

Bumper Repair

Auto Painting

Frame Straightening

We restore the entire vehicle to its original form with the help of advanced tools. We left no traces of damage behind on vehicles even we maintained the original car paint. We do ceramic coating that saved vehicles from any kind of hazards like oxidation tar UV damage color fading acid rain and birds drop etching. Auto stream 360 provides multistage correction with 360-ceramic ceramic 360 two layers coat and single-stage correction with ceramic.

Multistage correction with ceramic 360

It will remove 85 percent heavy to moderate damages such as heavy swirls scratches with heavy cut compound and polish.

Ceramic 360 two-layer protection coating

We use formula 10 H for the protection of automobiles and vehicles. Ceramic coating of two layers Nano graphene 360 will protect your vehicle for 5 years from extreme damages.

Single-stage correction with ceramic 360

It also reduces 85 percent of heavy damages scratches and dents such as swirls and heavy cut compounds.  

We protect the glass and wheels of the vehicles with ceramic coating. It will relieve the owner’s tension of damage to his car. The cost of damage repair depends upon the severity of the accidents that happen to the car and the damages.

Multiple dents

We charge a very reasonable amount of bills. Auto stream pricing is very reasonable as compared to our high-quality services. We priced additional dents on the same panel are 50 percent of the dent price. The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel. 

Aluminum Panels

Aluminum panels are priced at a 25% increase from the above pricing. We provide our services for increasing vehicle shelf life. 

 Body Line Dents

 Fixation in body line dents maintains automobile condition. We add 25% per dent, depending on sharpness. Body line dents fixation is a very crucial step that needs extra skills.

The price rates are given below will help you in estimating your cost of repair.

  • 1″ up to 2″From $125 to $175
  • 2″ up to 3″From $175 to $225
  • 3″ up to 4″From $225 to $275
  • 4″ up to 5″From $275 to $325
  • 5″ and larger priced by tech

 You can contact us on our website and can email us at the written address which is Our continental area address is 6920 S Jordan Rd Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112. We provide high-quality services to our clients. Contact us you will be very happy after that.

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