Share Your Dream Vacation

Looking to score a dream vacation at an awesomely cheap rate? Look no further
than your local IHG Rewards Club agent.
IHG Rewards Club is a loyalty program that lets you earn IHG Rewards Points
for staying at more than 4,200 properties worldwide. Once you sign up and link
your credit card, you can use those points to get IHG Rewards Club free hotel
nights at participating properties. It’s as simple as that.
So, where can you find an IHG agent? The program is mostly active in the U.S.
and Canada, but you can also find agents in other parts of the world where IHG
has a presence, such as the Middle East and Asia.
Here’s how you can find the right IHG agent to share your dream vacation:
Finding an IHG agent

First things first: you’ll have to sign up for an IHG rewards program. If you already
have a card, you can go directly to the IHG website to sign up. If you don’t have a
card, don’t worry – there are still plenty of options.
You can also apply through the IHG rewards app, which is available for both
Android and iPhone users. Once you’ve found a participating hotel, simply open
the app and make your booking.


Not sure where to start? Then head to and search for “rewards club” in
the main header. You’ll see a list of available properties, along with information
about each one. Click on the “find an IHG Rewards Club” link in the bottom-right
corner of the page to bring up the list of available IHG hotel partners in your area.


If you’re at a participating hotel and you have a specific question about the
program, the in-hotel IHG Rewards Club sign should help. Simply look for the

blue IHG Rewards Club sign in the hotel and check in-store IHG Rewards Club

On Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you can also join the IHG Rewards Club group and post
questions there. Many hotels and resorts have Facebook groups where members
can share travel tips and discuss upcoming events. Browse through the group
and look for an IHG Rewards Club group that’s local to you.

In Deals and Offers

We can’t stress how beneficial it is to book directly through an IHG Rewards Club
agent when booking a hotel. Not only will you usually get a lower rate than if you
book through a third-party site, but you’ll also earn more IHG Rewards Points.
Look out for offers and special deals throughout the year, but especially in the
summer and winter. Winter is a great time to sign up as many people are looking
to save on hotel costs due to the cold weather.
Keep an eye on IHG’s social media accounts for special offers and deals. The
IHG Rewards Club account on Twitter regularly shares discounts and IHG
special deals, and the IHG Rewards Club account on Facebook shares deals

By Working with an IHG VIP Club

If you’re keen to maximize your IHG Rewards Points and find an IHG Rewards
Club agent who isn’t available to you, consider working with an IHG VIP Club.
IHG runs a rewards program for corporate clients called IHG Priority Club, which
allows companies to issue points to their clients. The IHG Rewards Club team
has extended this program to provide corporate customers with the opportunity to
earn IHG Rewards Club points and redeem them for free hotel nights at
participating hotels.
How it works is that you’re given a VIP Club membership number and chip card.
You then make all hotel reservations, including group reservations and hotel
chain partners, through the IHG Rewards Club website.

IHG runs a rewards program for corporate clients called IHG Priority Club, which
allows companies to issue points to their clients. The IHG Rewards Club team
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You can check out the IHG Priority Club program here.

Final Words

Traveling is an investment in yourself. The more often you go on vacation, the
easier it is to take that vacation time when you are lucky enough to have it. So,
remember to sign up for IHG Rewards Club and find the right IHG agent to help
you save on your next dream vacation.

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