Significance of local presence in the sales point of view

Sometimes, one of the most effective sales approaches can be using a wrong strategy—one of the wrong strategies or techniques for increasing sales or is known as the local presence. When generalized telemarketing is taken into consideration, it can lift all the call connection rates and the revenues that a company can get from it. When the strategic selling point is taken into consideration, it may also result in a negative return on the investment.

Local Presence is one of the most common features in the business that a person or a businessman can use to increase his/her sales. This is a system that is supported within the sales dialers as well as by the use of sales engagement platforms. It is done to increase the call connection rates. A recent study found out that it can increase the connection rates by nearly four times. It was also found out that it has a countervailing negative impact on the local presence. This is for which it greatly reduces the efficacy. In this system, a business will be obtaining higher connection rates, but what they are going to lag is that the starting calls will be off awkwardly, potentially damaging the image of a brand or a business.

Ways to use the local presence

If a person is simply selling something to a broad set of customers and the product the company is selling is not highly differentiated from any other product available in the market. The calling team is dialing a large set of consumers. Here the use of local presence does not make any sense. When the volume of sell is the only goal, and there are many customers, then the use of Local Presence is a very good strategy of its own. This will also result in higher sales.


Everyone in the world present in the business field should apply the best possible tools for sales and marketing strategy. The use of Local presence will work very well for the sales development. Here they will target the small businesses or the products which are lower in price that are sold by a broad set of companies.

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