Similar software to Google Analytics for business success

Even though Google continues to reign when it comes to search engines and online marketing. It doesn’t mean that as a website operator you’re necessarily bound to this service. There are actually many programs similar to Google Analytics available. One thing is clear: every webmaster needs a professional web analysis tool. They can use to optimize their own website and monitor all relevant key figures. We will introduce you to some good Google Analytics alternatives, highlighting usability, cost, functionality, and privacy.

Why Google Analytics alternatives make sense

In terms of its functionality, there’s not much to object to. When it comes to using Google’s tracking tool: the features on offer keep their promises. And the delivered results provide webmasters with detailed information on which parts of their web projects need optimizing. Which are already successful. Moreover, the service can use free from charge.

Nevertheless, Google Analytics also has its weaknesses. The time spent on a page taken into account. If the visitor clicks on another page. If the visitor closes their browser instead, Google Analytics will display duration of zero seconds. In addition, the data provide rarely accurate to the minute as is the case with many comparable tools. There are also numerous browser plugins that block Google Analytics – or JavaScript, on which the tool is based.

However, the biggest disadvantage of using Google’s website analysis tool is the fact. That all information collect about visitors store on the company’s servers. For this purpose, the software transmits the user information received via cookies directly to Google. Only after several years does the internet giant delete this data from its servers. Which location in the USA and therefore subject to less strict data regulations compared to some countries. Whether and how Google processes this user data is unclear. It’s possible that it will use primarily to adapt the search algorithm being use.

Open Web Analytics

Another alternative to Matomo when it comes to open-source alternatives for Google Analytics is Open Web Analytics. The structure, layout, and functionality are very similar to Google’s. There is an integrated heat map function. When a user clicks on the map. Website operators can see how users react and behave depending on the design of the landing page.

If you want a quick look and familiarize yourself with the open Web Analytics dashboard. You can do so by visiting Open Web Analytics is available free of charge and there are no restrictions regarding the amount of data sets. And the number of websites you want to test. When it comes to the app’s performance, Piwik is the better Google Analytics alternative.

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