Stages of lung cancer

Cancer stages tell us how far cancer has developed and helped guide treatment.

Before the spreading of cancer, if treatment is started then treatment is very well. Because carcinoma does not abstract symptoms within the earlier stages, diagnosis often comes after its spread.

Non-small cell carcinoma has four main stages:

Stage1: Cancer has within the lung but it’s not spread outside the lung.

Stages2: Cancer found within the lung and nearby lymph nodes.

Stages3: Cancer is within the lung and lymph nodes within the middle of the chest.

Stages3A: Cancer has found in lymph nodes but only on an equivalent side of the chest where cancer first started growing.

Stage3B: Cancer spread to a lymph node on the other side of the chest or to lymph nodes above the collarbone.

Stage 4: Cancer has spread to both lungs, into the world around the lungs, or to distant organs.

Small-cell carcinoma (SCLC) has two main stages. In a short time, cancer found in just one lung or nearby lymph nodes on an equivalent side of the chest.

The extensive stage means cancer has spread:

throughout one lung

The other lung

Lymph nodes on the other side

Fluid around the lung

To bone marrow

To distant organs At the time of diagnosis, 2 out of three people with SCLC are already within the extensive stage.

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