The Top 10 Planet Fitness Freeweights

It’s that time of the year where you flip the calendar to March and work up a
serious sweat. For fitness enthusiasts, the month of March is the month of
training. The body gets into shape for the new season and a new grind. The gym
is packed with newbies, grizzled veterans, and anyone in between. But even the
fittest among us cannot train effectively without the right training partners. That’s
where the gym freewords come in. As the official training partners of the fitness
world, Planet Fitness has a selection of great freeweights that can be
incorporated into your workouts. Whether you’re a total n00b or a seasoned
veteran, you’ll find something here to pique your interest.
Planet Fitness Freewights

Freeweights are an option for those who don’t like to do exercises that target
more than one area. I call them hybrid exercises as they can target both the
upper and lower body, or an individual muscle group. And since everyone’s body
is different, the exercises can be modified to target your specific needs.
The Deadlift
The Deadlift is perhaps the best-rounded exercise in the entire universe. It works
your entire body, not just your upper body. It’s also worked into many different
workout programs, including CrossFit.
The overhead press
The overhead press is another great exercise to add to your workout. It works
your entire body, including your arms, your core, and your back. And it’s one of
the few exercises you can do with a wide variety of weights, including no
equipment necessary.
The squat
The squat gets a bad rep as an “easy” exercise. But don’t let that fool you. Doing
the squat is one of the most challenging exercises you can do. It works your
entire body, not just your legs. You’ll find it done with and without a barbell,
dumbbells, or kettlebells. The squat is a great exercise for building muscle and
losing weight.

The front squat
The front squat is like the squat, but you’re stepping back into it. The back is
what you’re working on, but with a wider stance and a “crouch” that helps you get
more stability. This exercise is also an excellent exercise for building muscle.

The Final Exercise of the Week

The final exercise of the week is your finisher. It’s the one you least expect to be
doing. But after a workout, you’ll feel so energized and ready to take on the world
that you won’t know what to do with yourself.
The exercises are like a sequence of moves. The first one is the most important
and then you have to go into a “wait and see” mode until the end. The last one
sets your body up for the next workout and gives you some much-needed

A Few Tips for Effective Freewights

  1. Make sure you’re adequately hydrated.

With all the hard workouts you’ll be doing, you’ll need to be properly hydrated.
You can’t be too salivating or you’ll end up gassing yourself, which is never a
good look.

  1. Don’t neglect your feet.

Your feet are the most important muscle group for your body. You need to work
them heavily to keep your body balanced and strong. But you don’t want to
overwork them. Start with light exercises and work your way up.

  1. Don’t forget the little things.

Although you’ll be doing tons of lifting and lowering, your body will be in good
shape even before the end of the month. Taking care of yourself doesn’t just
make you feel good, it will help you feel even better.


Your feet are the most important muscle group for your body. You need to work
them heavily to keep your body balanced and strong. But you don’t want

The FREEWEIGHTS are a great option for those who don’t feel ready to push
themselves too hard yet. From the basic bench press to the more advanced front
squat, these exercises will help you build muscle, lose weight, and get in shape.
The best part about them all is that they’re easy to do at the gym and don’t
require any equipment.
So if you’re looking for an effective way to get in shape this year, check out the
best planet fitness freeweights today.

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